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My love for music

Welcome to the site

Welcome to my new site, All About Me.

At first it might seem a little self-centred but I got fed up with all the things I've done in my life being all mixed up so I’m making this site for everything that is me and to do with me.

So the plan is that I will use this site to link to all my future endeavours (that’s a big word for me really) and it will allow you all to see exactly what I’m getting up to.

When I say exactly what I'm up to, I don't mean things like stupid updates on Facebook or Twitter like: "Off to the toilet" or "Taking a nap" (and no I don't post those things, well maybe sometimes), I mean more serious stuff, like various projects I'm working on and other updates I may have.

Hopefully this site will prove useful for not only for you being able to keep up to date with whats going on in my life, but keeping myself sane as well, all of the ups and the downs, just, well everything.

I think that will do for the introduction, if you want to know anymore just take a look at the about me page or take a look at some of my projects on the projects page.

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My True Love

Join THe Site!

Yeah, that's right, you can sign up to the site.

Now I'm not going to go into too much detail here why it will benefit you to sign up, that's because I've already included that on the "Login/Join" page.

But I will tell you this if you sign up you will be able to get personal messages from myself, get updates on what I'm up to and get offers to be a part of some of my future projects.

So I think that's more than enough reason to join the site, so click here to see more.


This is the site update box, here I will post the latest updates on the site.

I have updated the "Mobile" version of the site, it's still nowhere near as close to being as good as the web version, but it's a start.

I also created a short films page with all my short films on it.

I've also made a few minor updates to the "About Me" and "My Life" pages.

Other extra features include:

1. A search bar on the homepage which makes it possible to search the site for specific content (on the left of this box).
3. An extra information box on the homepage.
4. Created the page titled "My Life" and updated with more detail about thing that I have done/achieved.
5. About Me, Contact and Projects page updates (More detail and increased lengths.
6. I rediscovered an old website project and have added it to the projects page.
7. I have added a new "Web Creation" contact section on the contact page.
8. I have added a poll to the site to find out your views.
9. I have activated the ability to sign up to the site and receive emails from myself

Take a look at the updated "My Life" page here.

Take a Look at the new page updates:

1. Look at "About Me" page here.
2. Look at "Contact" page here.
3. Look at "Projects" page here.

Take a look at my old website project here.

Ask some questions in the "Web Creations"
contact section here.

Sign in or join the site here.


Website Notes:

> Include images.

> Include videos.

> Include words.

> Check over writing.


> Make a website that's actually Interesting.


> Make sure I dont look like an Idiot.

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